Fall’s 2016 Biggest Trend: Leopard Prints


Hello darlings, it’s been a while, during summer I broke my middle finger, and had a deep cut in my index, all from my right hand, which left me unable to write for a couple of months, but I’m back, and with me, one of my favorite prints: The Leopard one!

Yes, wild animal prints will be all the rage this fall/winter, leopard one being at the helm of the show. Way back when, I was about 18 years old, I thought animal prints had a cheap look to it, and often thought of them as too edgy for my –then– conventional taste. Fast forward to some  years ago, probably around the time Kate Moss established leopard print as a new neutral, I was already a converted.

They go with absolutely everything, from a formal to a casual look, and these are my main styling tips to wear it right: Continue reading “Fall’s 2016 Biggest Trend: Leopard Prints”