Wake-up Makeup for Amateurs

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Whenever I look around among my friends and acquaintances, and even from my time working at MAC, I notice that despite the loads of makeup tutorials out there, and the noticeable interest women have for makeup these days, not all women are skillful at applying it or are willing to spend the minimum time to do it. This is also subject to the beauty standards in each city or country, but it’s a reality that not all women take the time to apply makeup and groom themselves even to a fair minimum.

Sometimes, all you need to enliven your skin in no time is to add some color to your cheeks and lips, which is key to bring the skin to life.

To this end, I’m sharing my super quick version of a makeup tutorial for amateurs, with no major makeup technique involved for women on the run. Disclaimer: I had slept only few hours when I did this video, so signs of tiredness are clearly visible, and even though I – deliberately- didn’t go for a full coverage, I think the end result proves the importance of makeup and our image, providing a refreshed look thanks to rosy cheeks and bright red lips…hope you like it!

KIKO Haul: First Impressions Video

Kiko ThumbnailHola everyone! Last month, I spent some days in Madrid, and as fate would have it, I ended up giving in and got inside one of the very many KIKO Cosmetics stores, and -of course- I didn’t leave empty handed!!

I wanted to enter a review of my makeup haul here in my blog, when right after I finished filming my  Get ready with me video, I decided to make a video instead, making it my first “Makeup Haul” video ever! So, without further ado, if you are curious about the products I got, and my opinion on them click above and check it out 😉

Thanks for watching in advance! xx

Hola corazones!! El mes pasado estuve en Madrid, y como era de esperarse no resistí la tentación de entrar a una de las tantas tiendas KIKO Cosméticos que abundan en toda la ciudad.

Kiko Haul Primeras Impresiones.jpgDesde entonces, había querido hacer un entrada aquí para comentarles los productos que había comprado y lo que pensaba de ellos, cuando justo al terminar de filmar mi video Get ready with me , me dije “porqué no aprovechas y haces tú primer video de “Makeup Haul”?

Así que si están curiosas y quieren ver que productos compré y mi opinión sobre si merecen o no la pena, pues hagan click aquí en mi primer video de “Primeras Impresiones” y matarán la curiosidad 😉

Gracias de antemano por verlo! Besos xx

Let’s do our makeup – Video

Thumbnail get ready

Hola! Here I’m attempting at another You Tube video. This time I’ll be sharing a “Get Ready with Me” simple makeup application.

I’m using all sorts of products from drugstore to mid-range prices, and it takes me about 10 minutes to do this morning routine. Hope you like it!

Hola! Aquí estoy intentando con otro video de You Tube! Esta vez comparto con Uds. una sencilla aplicación de maquillaje de día en un video llamado: “Get Ready with Me”

Déjenme saber sus comentarios y espero que les guste!

Trending: Off Shoulder Tops

Off ShoulderTopsGirls, by now you must have certainly become aware that shoulders are the stars of the moment together with the so-called boho-chic style, and in case you hadn’t noticed, then it’s about time you check into the latest spring/summer fashion trend: Off the shoulder tops, or Bardot Tops, as they are also called.14668814620_def18fa323_o

I must admit, that I had never been a fan of this type of fashion in the past, mainly because strapless styles don’t suit me given my breasts shape. Yes, a strapless bra could have come to the rescue, but l never felt comfortable in those either. Now, however, there’s not only an enormous array of underwear solutions, but the Off Shoulders fashion comes in different types that work perfectly with a regular bra. So, there’s absolute no excuse not to plunge in such a relaxed and versatile piece, that will enhance your upper body and will have you looking super sexy, feminine  and chic at the same…it’ll be simply too tough to resist!

Harper and Harley – Off Shoulder Top

Here’s a look at some gorgeous Off Shoulders Tops:

Hola chicas!  Supongo que ya están todas enteradas que los hombros son la sensación del momento y estarán marcando pauta durante ésta primavera/verano, y en caso que no lo sepan, pues ya es hora que vengan y vean la tendencia que está causando furor: Los Off the Shoulder Tops, o Tops estilo Bardot, como también se les conoce.

Yo nunca fui muy amiga de ese tipo de moda en el pasado, ya que los estilos strapless -muy a mí pesar- pues no me lucen dada la forma de mi pecho, y aún cuando hubiése podido optar por un sujetador strapless, tampoco me sentía cómoda en ellos. Ahora, no sólo existen muchas opciones a nivel de ropa interior, sino que los tops Off the Shoulder vienen en diferentes estilos, que pueden ser llevados perfectamente con un sujetador de tiras normales sin que se vean!

Alexa Chung – Off Shoulder Top

Así, que literalmente no hay excusas para no aventurarnos en esta moda bohemia tan relajada y versátil, que nos hará ver super sexys, femeninas y chic al mismo tiempo. Será difícil resistírsele!

Aquí encontrarán algunos modelos súper lindos de estos tops:

Espero les hayan servido de ideas estos modelos y díganme que les parece esta tendencia bohemia y estival? Chau! xx


IMG_1965When I saw that MUFE (MAKE UP FOREVER) had launched their own cream sculpting/contouring palette, I wasn’t just intrigued, I knew I HAD to try it. So, I got the palette together with their new ULTRA HD Stick foundation (among others) to see how the two performed.

The Palette comes in 4 different shades, with 4 different colors inside respectively to: Highlight/Conceal, Contour, Shimmer and Color the face.

  • 20 Light
  • 30 Medium
  • 40 Tan
  • 50 Dark
Pro Sculpting Palette in 30


Contouring is not an easy makeup technique, and certainly one that requires more than the amount of time most people dedicate to do it, which -more often than not- translates in a sloppy application. I, personally, find that contouring with creamy formulas take a lot of time and precision to blend really well to avoid getting a streaky face, but the end result with creams is dewier and more natural than with powders, as the cream sort of fusions with the skin. You can ease the application of this palette with a beauty blender.


  • In one palette you have all the shades you need to contour, highlight and add color with the blush shade, which is a peachy fresh color.
  • The matte highlight shade can also be used as a concealer, which is a plus.
  • It comes in different colors, so there’s choice for different ethnicities.
  • It comes with a little leaflet that shows how to contour according to your face shape.


  • Price, at 45$ and 48€ it’s not cheap, considering you only get 2.5g from each shade.
  • I got number 30, which is the medium colored palette, and the contour shade runs a bit orange on me.
  • It’s a bit difficult to get the product from the palette with a brush, as each square is too small and close together.

Verdict: If you are new to the contour world, and/or makeup I’d suggest to go for something cheaper, until you get the hang of the technique. Other than that it’s a nice palette to have as it’s an all in one deal, but I’m not overly impressed by it.

Now, the ULTRA HD Foundation Stick is a different kind of monster…I’m absolutely in love with it! I got it in two colors, one that matches my skin perfectly (127) and a lighter shade (117) to contour and highlight at the same time.

ULTRA HD foundation in 117 & 127


  • Great coverage with a dewy finish.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Application is fool-proof as it blends almost instantly with your skin, I find that applies like a dream with the help of a beauty blender.

    ULTRA HD foundation in 117 & 127


  • At 40€ can be expensive if you use it daily, as it only contains 12,5g.
  • Would not recommend it to oily skin types, as it’s very emollient and it will have you shining in no time.IMG_6886

Verdict: Love this foundation, great for an easy application and a good moderate to full coverage, without a mask effect, highly recommend it.