KIKO Weightless Perfection SPF 30: Good, Bad or Blah?


Powder foundations are the easiest way to get a flawless or semi-flawless face in no time, shortening your makeup routine in the mornings, doubling as a retouch powder throughout the day.

KIKO Weightless Perfection is their latest wet and dry powder foundation with a brand new, more sophisticated packaging as well. As it name suggests, it can be used wet to get more coverage or dry for a sheerer one. It comes in a shiny dark silver case, with a separate compartment to carry the sponge. The powder has SPF30, which is always welcome, though you can’t entirely rely on it for sun protection. Here’s my breakdown… Continue reading “KIKO Weightless Perfection SPF 30: Good, Bad or Blah?”

Butt Enhancing Jeans for Violin Hips and Muffin Top / Love Handles

scorequirkyfinds-2The first thing we need to address when it comes to styling is getting to know our bodies, so we can wear clothes that flatter us in the right places, instead of fighting them wanting to wear something that might not be the best fit for our shape.

Have you ever heard of Violin hips? Well, they are the ones that sit upper than regular hips and have a dip to them, which is what gives them that violin shape, hence the name. Love Handles or muffin top is excess fat sitting on the sides of the torso. Continue reading “Butt Enhancing Jeans for Violin Hips and Muffin Top / Love Handles”

Heavy Coverage Concealers: Melasma, Pregnancy spots, Dark spots, Insomnia

IMG_6225When it comes to concealers and correctors, I can safely say that I’ve gone through a fair share of them. I not only got genetic dark circles, but I’m also a poor sleeper, meaning each morning I look like a character from the Living Walking Dead!!!! I kid you not! 😦

On top of that I’m no longer 20, so those dark circles get even more pronounced with the help of under eyes bags!! I’m telling you I hit the jackpot!

As you could certainly imagine, I have tried almost everything under the sun to try to tone down those dark circles, because you can’t even talk about hiding them…let’s be honest, when you are tired and sleep deprived you can only do so much…there’s no miracle cure, other than getting some sleep. Continue reading “Heavy Coverage Concealers: Melasma, Pregnancy spots, Dark spots, Insomnia”

Makeup Trend at the Oscars 2016

The whole week has been overflown with the Academy Awards/Oscars‘ best and worst dressed, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s winning, best and worst part of the show, and so on and so forth. Aside from Leo’s winning, the biggest chunk being devoted -as usual- to the best dressed section.

To me, despite loving many of dresses, the best was undoubtely Charlize Theron‘s Dior red masterpiece. It was simply sublime! Simple, feminine, sexy, perfect fit, chic…utter perfection. Continue reading “Makeup Trend at the Oscars 2016”