Eyeliners: A rundown / Mis opiniones

IMG_8609I wonder if there is such a thing as one eyeliner that does it all: stays put, doesn’t smudge, works inside and outside the waterline, that blends nicely for a smokey look and so on. Truth is I still haven’t found it.

I have many great performers, but each one has a particular purpose. For instance, if you want a quick smokey look you need to opt for a greasy pencil, but if a clean eye with some definition is what you’re going after, then you need to go with a different formula. Continue reading “Eyeliners: A rundown / Mis opiniones”

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polishers

381These Rimmel polishers are proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to obtain a great manicure in fabulous colors.

How many times have you used up an entire polisher? And if so, I bet that the last applications weren’t as smooth as the first ones, because the consistency gets gluey and thick. So, the fact that these are 8ml, makes it more realistic to me that I will use it up (most polishers are 12-13ml). Continue reading “Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polishers”

Tom Ford New Eyeshadow Quads

Tom-Ford-Spring-2016-Eye-Color-QuadsTom Ford eyeshadow quads are the ultimate makeup splurge, they are so incredibly soft with a buttery feeling, awesome colour payoff, and a gorgeous sleek packaging. Are they a real must? well given the current economy, I wouldn’t be so quick in saying that they are, but they are a luxury item that if you can afford  (like I mentioned here) by all means go for it. Continue reading “Tom Ford New Eyeshadow Quads”


690x602_1_108386540571413385202d627775cfe8@686x599_0xd42ee42a_11788472461453281901As I had mentioned in my previous Chanel post, Peter Philips is now Dior’s new Makeup Creative Director, and of course his genius is starting to boost Dior’s already wonderful products targeting what most women are after these days: Sculpting and Contouring.

In this new collection, he is elevating one of my holy grails the Diorskin Forever by adding not only new ingredients to the formula, but also by pairing it with a new foundation base/primer and mattifying loose powder.

Here is the new Dior trifecta: Continue reading “DIORSKIN FOREVER NEW Collection”

Red Lips – Soft look

First of: A belated Happy New Year to ya all !!! 😉

I hope you make the most of every single day, that you get to achieve your goals, and above all I wish you the courage to stick to your resolutions!!

I, for one, will be putting my “stage fright” aside, and I’ll start vlogging real soon to bring you tutorials, till then I’ll leave you with this quick soft look, which is brought to life by bold red lips… Don’t forget that red lips can be casual too, not only reserved for those evening glamorous moments 😉 Photos by Mariam Bouchal. Continue reading “Red Lips – Soft look”