Top 10+ January Sales Wishlist

Top 10 +January Sales Wishlist

Sales time is already here! Many of the online stores have started their pre-sales offers and the rest will catch up in a matter of days. In the past, I used to buy anywhere I would spot the word “sale”, but in recent years I had opted to buy items that I could not afford were they not on discount or found the notion of buying anything above 400 € obscene.

This year I’ll be eyeing coloured clutches for the spring/summer and I still need to find the perfect classic leather biker  jacket. I saw Olivia Palermo wearing a pair of over the knee red boots and have been lusting over it ever since. Also for the spring/summer  I would like a light beige mid-sized bag.

At the moment, I need to be extra cautious with my finances, so I might opt to find my wish-list “lookalikes”in Zara, ASOS, Zalando and the like.

Which items will you be buying during the sales season?

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MAKE UP FOREVER – My Top picks

IMG_8560Hola!! As mentioned in my previous post , I will be reviewing what I consider the best products from some of the main makeup brands in the market.

This time, I’ll be writing about MAKE UP FOREVER. This is a brand I hold dear as it was there that I did my professional makeup course. Most of you are widely familiar with the brand -I am sure- but for those new to it, it’s a PRO makeup line, created by French makeup artist: Dany Sanz in 1984 in Paris. In 1999 it joined the prestigious French group LVMH and it has since gained mainstream popularity.

Without further ado here are my main picks: Continue reading “MAKE UP FOREVER – My Top picks”

Outfit Post- Overcoming the rain

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Hola!! I wanted to share with you some of the looks that I’ve been wearing this month. It gets really hard for me a south, Mediterranean, Latina girl to lift my spirits when it comes to dressing in cold and rainy Brussels.

There’s so much humidity and the constant rain that some days I really struggle to put something on, I just wish I could stay in my warm PJs all the day long. So, I really need to work more on overcoming the weather and un-dust those heels from the back of my closet and get my chicer and more flaterring self out there. In the meantime, I’ve opted for casual looks, mainly consisting on warm clothes, sweaters with a relaxed look and feel to it. Continue reading “Outfit Post- Overcoming the rain”

Chanel’s Top 5 Must-haves

IMG_8602It took me some time to admit it, but I can know unashamedly say that I have a makeup addiction/obsession. I could spend hours on end browsing through makeup displays, checking new collections and swatches, textures, you name it. But I have also come to realise that although I am not alone in my addiction, not all women are drawn by this, actually I’m the only one from my group of friends to obsess over makeup.

So, I constantly take a look at women’s makeup bag while they are retouching their makeup to see what products I spot, and most often than not, you see them with products that do not match their skin type or colouring, or that are very expensive and they bought in the spur of a makeover moment, but they don’t know how to get the best use of it. Continue reading “Chanel’s Top 5 Must-haves”